Wenden specialises in making chairs from birch and oak wood, which grows locally in Latvia and are very popular materials in Scandinavia. 60-70% of the birch chairs available in stores there are made by Wenden. A good chair is one that one does not feel when sitting in it. The main thing is that the chair be comfortable and ergonomic. From the manufacturing point of view, a chair is the most complicated piece of furniture to make – it consists of 15 to 20 different pieces, and it takes quite an amount of skill to put those pieces together correctly and precisely. A good chair can last 30 to 50 years. Wenden’s principles for successful manufacturing and marketing are simple: produce quality, produce it on time, keep in mind the numbers, and make a profit. Those principles are set in stone – because no one needs a low-quality product, and no one needs a product that cannot be delivered on time. When manufacturing chairs, numbers don’t mean only the number of chairs produced. They also mean a watchmaker’s precision in regard to measurements, angles, degrees and even seconds. But the team of employees that has grown together with the company is just as important a factor in Wenden’s success. When the company began, most of them were young men in their very early 20s. “My team is my greatest pride,” says Brēmers.





Normunds Brēmers, the chairman of the board 

Wenden Furniture
Wenden Furniture

Export Markets

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden

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