About Latvian Export Cluster

Latvian Export Cluster (LEC) is an initiative by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) aimed at improving the competitiveness of economically active Latvian companies in foreign markets.


Objective: To encourage cooperation among businesses and research and knowledge transfer organisations in the field of export, increasing the competitiveness of businesses and the proportion of high added-value products and services in export, as well as innovation and development of new products.


Mission: To improve export and quality support tools in collaboration with other organisations to promote export capacities, sustainability and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.


Vision: The Latvian Export Cluster is a key pillar for Latvian companies for entry into foreign markets and achievement of a higher level of quality management.


The Project is co-funded by European Regional Development Fund and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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Jānis Tilibs