Lux Technology develops outstanding eCommerce solutions for international companies of different industries, always provide a top-notch technical support to our clients and strive for a state-of-the-art design for all of our projects.

We come up with any eCommerce solutions you need, we support and advice you on them. We can generate extraordinary out-of-the-box ideas or provide you with fine standard offers. No matter what is your vision, we give you the key. We create remarkable and user oriented designs. Your clients will appreciate the innovative solutions and the ease of using the web site on any device. Our designs are made to sell. We have the experience, the skills and the scope to create any mind-blowing projects you want to realize. Our Magento developers generate outstanding software solutions. Your vision and our dedication to the work give excellent collaboration experience. We can integrate your eCommerce platform with any software necessary. From all the Magento extensions out there to any complicated external systems. You want us to connect your online store with your fridge? We will figure out that one as well. We are proud partner of Microsoft Azure. Whatever hosting you choose for your project, we have got your back. We can configure, optimize, monitor and take care of your servers. We want your eCommerce project to be an enjoyable experience for the users. Once launched, your web site is a living being. It has its own moods and processes. We are here to offer you any support necessary and to help you keep it happy and fruitful. We know the web site treatment that makes the users happy.


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Lux Technology
Lux Technology

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Pauls Lukss

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