Karšu izdevniecība Jāņa sēta, SIA (in English - Jana Seta map Publishers Ltd), hereinafter referred to as Jāņa sēta, was founded in 1992 by small team of enthusiastic cartographers. Nowadays Jāņa sēta is the leading company in the field of cartography and GIS based IT solution development in the region of the Baltic States with its team of high-qualified professionals and experience gained in decades during product and service development. 

The company runs as publisher of cartography editions such as road maps, atlases, wall maps, map-puzzles, scratch-off maps as well as provides development and maintenance of products and IT services based on geographical information systems (GIS) and geospatial intelligence. Complete dataset of geographical information, know-how skills of GIS use feasibilities and professional team have made Jāņa sēta as strong and original research laboratory, consultant and expert who`s decisions are based on the map.




Mārtiņš Vimba  CEO, Member of the board



Jāņa Sēta
Jāņa Sēta

Export Markets

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden

Mārtiņš Vimba

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